New Small Project I’m Working On

I’m working on a list of works by Fathers of the Church, a reading plan for myself and whoever else wants to use it. The general theme is: A chronological once-through of the most important theological works by the most important Fathers of the Church. I am open to suggestions. I’m looking for the most […]

Too Many Books!

So I have this habit of starting lots of books at once and jumping back and forth between them, but never finishing them. This leads me to start the same books over and over. I think I’m going to try, on this blog, to give short thoughts and reviews about the books I am reading […]

A mere legal fiction?

I’ve got to say, as time goes on, the more I see the ‘Ordinary Form/Extraordinary Form’ paradigm as a convenient legal fiction. It reflects the reality of usage on the ground. That is to say, the OF is Ordinary because it is by far the more prevalent usage. But this is a matter of positive law […]

Becoming Catholic

This blog post is a work in progress. I grew up in a pretty non-religious household. My dad never went to any church. My mom was brought up Mormon, but was non-attending. We had a KJV Bible and several copies of the Book of Mormon. All other literature was basically popular fiction or bird and […]